Old Blood Noise Endeavors – Black Fountain Delay

Remember the times before everything was digital? Well this little white box can bring us all back to the time where everything seemed analog and oily. The OBNE Black Fountain Delay resembles the famous sounds of “oil can delays” , originating from oil can units. The delay features four knobs and three different modes to emulate unique, lush sounds.

Starting off, the modern mode explains exactly what it is. A mode for the modern guitar player who needs a tad bit of delay in their life. This mode is modeled off of the famed Fender Echo Reverb and the Tel-Ray Model 10. In order to precisely get the tone and sound of those units, OBNE has added the “Fluid” knob. This adds a little bit of wetness to the aftermath of the note. Some would describe it as “wobbly” or as I simply like to put it, “oily”. To those who need a little more description as to what this knob truly does, it is the modulation knob of the pedal. It adds a depth and a chorus like feel to the notes. The modern mode of the Black Fountain features a delay time of 800 milliseconds.

Next up we have the organ tone. This is more of a simple and conventional type of delay. I would describe it as shorter delay than the modern and vintage modes. This delay goes far and beyond the dreams of the original oil can delays it is designed after. With this mode enabled, a reverb effect can be created. A fever effect much better than your simple reverb in my opinion. The organ tone has a delay time of 211 milliseconds.

Before I explain the vintage mode, I will give you a little insight into the other three controls.

Time: How long until the delay is initiated

Feedback: The amount of time the delay is being played. More simply put.. how long it lasts

Mix: How much of the signal is being effected

Now to the vintage mode. My favorite. The vintage mode produces a much more dirty and nasty effect to the delay. The delays seem meaner and grittier giving it more of a human touch. Similar to many of the famous analog delays that have been produced in the past. The vintage mode also has a delay time of 800 milliseconds.

And that’s that. Check out the guys at oldbloodnoise.com . They are some really cool guys and have some even cooler pedals.


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