Mr. Black – Supermoon

Mr. Black pedals from the lovely Portland, Oregon has created a reverb out of this world. I mean seriously out of this m************* world.

The pedal is a reverb you truly can’t find in any spring tank. It offers no boundaries. The Supermoon features true bypass switching, 9volt battery, and is hand built right here in the USA. Immediately after plugging this in I knew I was in for a ride. The Supermoon sparked creative ideas almost instantly after messing with the controls. It has a total of three knobs like many of our favorite pedals.

Reverb – the amount of reverb added

Sway – the modulation

Decay – how much the reverb hangs around

After playing around I really felt the need to just max everything out. In most pedals or amps turning everything all the way up tends to usually be way too much for the player and the audience. But here was not the case. The pedal could still be used in a very musical way. Also, I wouldn’t say this is just a one trick pony for all your space reverb needs. You can dial in some nice subtle reverb without making it sound like your drowning in wetness. It offers the option to effect 100% of the signal. This really comes into play when you’re just trying to achieve a nice pad or ambience to the mix. Lots of reverbs these days tend to go too far and make the pedal unplayable past a certain point if you know what I mean. They tend to wash everything out. With the Supermoon you can get those first notes to stick out while you have a little trail behind them without ruining the sound.

The sway knob offers a ton of fun to those whose creative minds need something constantly new. It adds a chorus like feel to the reverb. This was especially enjoyable when playing on the smoother neck pickup of my start with the tone around 7.

I’d consider this pedal if your going for ambience and endless reverb. It would work great in a worship type scenario or some experimental music. This pedal also comes in a very limited chrome edition which has some added features, but they are very hard to get a hold of and I myself have not yet got my hands on one. This reverb won’t replace your simple go-to reverb setting. At least for me it didn’t, but it is definitely something to add to your board if you’re in need of inspiration. Overall the build quality is very high. The boys over at Mr. Black pedals keep putting on new and amazing things.


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