The Holy Grail – Ibanez Tube Screamer Mini

Wow another tube screamer? It seems like everyone and his brother are trying to create the best new overdrive modeled after the truly best drive in my opinion, the TS808. The tube screamer has been one of the most respected and used pedals since it was released. Almost all of your famous artists have used a version of the tube screamer at one point.

At first thought you must think this pedal is just a mini TS808. And to a point you are correct. Through my days of playing guitar I have tried and sought after tons of overdrive tone. This little pedal is not much different than the hundreds of other overdrives, but listed at about $80 and a quarter of the size as your Big Muff, I can see why this has made it onto my board and maybe your board too.

The Tube Screamer Mini has three controls just like its predecessors.

Tone – The amount of treble

Level – Volume

Overdrive – Well… the drive

Other than giving you the sought after tones of famous blues players and rock artists, the mini pedal can offer a great boost to your signal without driving it too much. Personally my favorite setting is placing the drive around 3 o’clock, tone at around 12, and level at a very modest 2 o’clock. This setting gives me the creamy sound that the 808 has, but at a a very dynamic way. Roll back the volume on your guitar a little, and you can achieve a beautiful clean tone without disengaging the pedal.

The pedal is made in Japan. Solidly built in a rugged casing. All analog. Features the same famous chip as the early TS808s. Has a nine-volt adapter for power. And true-bypass switching.

So is it worth to check out? For sure. Especially since I found mine for $45 on It possibly might replace your current drive. It now sits on my board and beautifully compliments my strat. Put it behind a nice tube amp with a little reverb and drive and there you go. A great tone.


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